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Nalauwaki Village

Village Project

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The neighbouring village of Nalauwaki is the home to most of the resort staff. We have a very close relationship with the people of Nalauwaki, there are 350 villagers living the ten minute walk away from the resort to the village, there is daily connection with the staff and village, along with our visits to the village, and with their permission hikes across their land.

We tend to purchase as much locally grown crops, locally caught fish, and lobster to help support the local community, and too help provide the opportunity for small business endeavors, such as the village ladies selling local crafts to the guests both at the resort, and in the village. It is a fabulous working relationship that highlights the kindness and generosity of the Fijian people.

The Education Fund

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For the last 10 years working in partnership with the Village Elders, and parents we have set up and operated a scholarship program, this program is funded by a voluntary $1 per day donation per guest at the hotel, and is matched with $3 from the hotel for every $1 donated by guests, this along with the generosity of long running regular visiting guests who have donated substantively, we have been able to make sure every child from kindergarten onwards gets a good education.

The children start at kindergarten in the village learning in a lovely building donated by Mr Collins and an Australian Charity he is connected with, with the resort paying for the ongoing school materials and teacher. The children then have to start primary school at the age of 6 years and they attend a boarding school at Yalobi Village at one end of the island, they stay Monday to Friday and return home to their families on the weekend. The Education fund pays for their books and stationery, and the food for the whole school each week ( for all four villages that attend the school) along with the cost of transporting the children to and from school each week, we are very shortly going to provide an internet service and computers to the Primary school with the help of kind donations from our guests for the “computer fund” every $249 FJD can put a computer in the school.

After Primary School the children then attend secondary school on the main island of Viti Levu as there is no school on Waya, this means boarding for the whole term and only coming home for the holidays, the Education fund covers some of these costs as well.

There have also been many from the village who have earned a scholarship to University and in the last 10 years we have seen many graduates from these Tertiary Educational options.

For most of you, your contribution of the cost equivalent of one beer during your stay, will allow all of the children in the village to have an education, something most of us have had by default.

Things that Will Really Help - Ideas for Donations

We are always very grateful for any donation that guests contribute towards the Education Fund here at the resort, but that aside, many people also ask us what they can bring as a donation/gift for the children from the primary school, the people of Waya, the staff or the village in general. So we thought that we would assist by giving you a few suggestions.

The children who board at the primary school often have very few posessions, so clothing, school bags and pencil cases for instance are a prized possession.

Or if you can squeese any new or used items such as pillow cases, sheets or even blankets into your luggage, these would be most welcomed – especially by the boarders who live at the school from Sunday to late friday from the age of 5.

In general, clothing items are hard to come by and as the boat journey to the mainland for a family may only be achieved once every 6 months at the most, any item donated is cherished.

Sporting equipment as many have found, is definately welcomed, with the primary school hosting regular sporting events such as rugby, netball and of course, volleyball.

Thank you for helping us, help our friends

Vinadu (Wayan for thank you)

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