Octopus Resort Fiji
LikuLiku Bay, Waya Island
Yasawa Islands, Fiji
US 800 5180949| NZ +64 77880139| AUST+612 83199189
UK +44(20)86109886

Octopus is Yacht Friendly & Welcomes All Yachties

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A perfect anchorage and stop off point when you sail the Yasawas. You are more than welcome to moor off the beach, and partake of everything our island has to offer in this paradise that is Fiji.

Sick of freeze dried everything? Powdered milk doesn’t taste quite the same does it? Then come ashore me hearties and we’ll put on breakfast, lunch or dinner for you and your crew. Feel like a cold beer, a Pina Colada, or a crisp Chardonnay to accompany lunch – be our guest!

Come and meet some fellow travellers and our staff who are all from the local village of Nalauwaki. A few words from yachties who have visited the area.

Nalauwaki Bay – The Village Around the Corner

First anchorage: To the right of the village as you enter (but beware of breaking reef extending from western shore), just off the rock outcropping between the village beach and the western beach; 30 ft sand bottom.

Second anchorage: 17deg16.36’S, 177deg07.1E; 37 ft, sand bottom; left of village as approach, at stream head.

Safety: Both anchorages can be somewhat rolly, and many people put out a stern anchor. Well-protected from usual tradewinds, but not from northerlies or northwesterlies.

Ashore: Nalauwaki Village, traditional and very friendly. Must present sevu-sevu to chief if going ashore. Beaches gorgeous, good shelling; watch out for large pigs (!).

Nice walk across peninsula saddle to Liku-Liku Bay on western side of island, where there is a backpacker’s resort (hey that’s us!) with perfect beach, small beach bar; glorious snorkeling on reef there.

Bottom line: Really nice; worth seeing.